Wondering how to start an import business? There’s no one more experienced to show you the ropes than Tomas Belcik. He’s an absolutely amazing resource to anyone in the area who is considering this type of business.
Tomas Belcik has been importing from Africa,  and South and Southeast Asia for over three decades.  His knowledge ranges from textiles to furniture to antiqities and artifacts.
Tomas teaches two classes on importing depending on your needs.
If you are just wondering about the importing business and looking to explore a bit, try his Intro to Importing seminar. In Intro to Importing, you’ll get an overview of the business and it’s a great place to start to decide if this is an area that you’d like to explore more. Learn more about Intro to Importing in our Business Possibilities listings here.
But if you are really ready to launch your importing business, there is NOTHING else in Denver more informative that Tomas’ How to Start an Import Business Intensive Workshop. This class gets into all the nitty gritty of how to deal with tariffs,  clearing customs, financing–and much more. Learn more about the many topics covered in the full course description in our Business possibilites here.