As a coach, I often challenge people to step outside their comfort zones. Why do I do this? Because the rewards for the person who is willing to do it, are quite exciting, sometimes even wonderful or profound!

 Rewards, yes, that’s what I said. Want to know what some of them are? Take a look at what can be yours if you’re willing to be a little uncomfortable:

  • increased self-confidence – you gain a sense of accomplishment
  • increased self-respect and pride – you know that what you did took some guts and because you didn’t let fear get the best of you, you are proud of yourself; you can now see yourself as someone to be respected
  • increased tolerance for being uncomfortable again – you learn that being uncomfortable isn’t the worst thing in the world; you survived it once and therefore know that you can do it again
  • personal growth – you experienced something new and perhaps you even liked it. Either way, you broadened your scope of understanding life.

 Of course I practice what I teach – I am continually expanding what I know by opening up to new experiences. It’s not always easy, but it is so worth any temporary discomfort.
 CFU offers such a variety of classes, why not step outside your comfort zone and enroll in one today!