Hynotherapy instructor, Drake Eastburn helps you to quit smoking now

Drake Eastburn

Quit smoking now! 

You really can quit smoking. The National Cancer Society created the Great American Smoke-Out to encourage folks every year to join together to kick the habit.  Drake Eastburn, of Eastburn Hypnotherapy, has partnered with CFU for a decade to support people who are ready to quit smoking. If you are ready to get this monkey off your back and start your life as a non-smoker, this workshop will help.  

Hynotherapy Helps!

Hypnosis is a gentle and non-invasive method to quit smoking once and for all. Hypnosis makes the subconscious level of mind accessible and can help you to quit. If you’re ready to take a stand on behalf of yourself, you can use the tools in this workshop to make the process of quitting much easier. Get your conscious intention aligned with and supported by your unconscious mind, so that you can become a non-smoker now!
Join Drake Eastburn, an experienced hypnotherapist, on November 20, 2017, for the Great American Smoke Out and get help quitting once and for all.
Wishing that one could break the cycle of nicotine addiction is not the same thing as being truly committed to doing so, and the best guarantee of success is always an individual’s own honest commitment to personal betterment. However, hypnosis may be the help you need in committing yourself to break the habit this November!  You can quit smoking now. 

Drake Eastburn

Drake Eastburn has been helping people to become non-smokers through the power of the mind for more than 20 years. He also teaches his methods to hypnotherapists internationally. He is a compassionate, accomplished hypnotherapist. 
Students who have taken the workshop in the past have been amazed at how it helped them accomplish their goal. One woman who took came had such success that she has referred several people to the workshop in subsequent years.