You can get cooking with classes at CFU.  Our little kitchen might be on the funky side, but the awesome teachers and delicious foods that pass through are anything but plain.  Check out some upcoming opportunities to add new delights to your menu:
11/12/16–Bread Baking Basics  This is the third in our bread baking series.  This is advanced advanced, hands-on baking where you have the opportunity to create Parker house rolls, pain d’epi, and batard with a variety of mix-ins (cranberry, nuts, olives, raisins). Lorry Woods, former owner and executive chef of Elwoods Gastro Pub and Scratch Bakery in Miami, shares her secret tricks of the trade that she spent years perfecting.
11/12/16–Let’s Have an Okonomiyaki Party!  Okonomiyaki (oh-coe-no-me-yah-key) is a traditional Japanese dish, sometimes called “Japanese pancake” or “Japanese pizza,” but it’s actually more like an omelet or frittata, crispy on the outside and soft on the inside.   Susan-sensei is a verified foodie who frequented her local okonomiyaki shops weekly while living in downtown Hiroshima City.
11/15/16–Brew Your Own Kombucha  Take home your own brewing system and your own batch of prepared “booch” to enjoy!  The fermentation fairy, Alana Eakin, shares the reported health and rejuvenation benefits of Kombucha.
11/17/16–Tantalizing Tapas:  Join the Small Plate Revolution   Tapas originated in Spain as small plates typically served with cocktails.  This Catalonia session features patatas brava, san jacobo, and marinated petter montaditos. Lorry Woods shares the passion she experienced participating in the Estrella Dam Taste of Tapas annual event of Miami. Enjoy the final meal with classmates while sampling wines and/or sangria that complement the complex flavors of your creations.
11/19/16–Bountiful Breakfast and Brunch Dishes  This class concentrates on egg dishes (do you know the difference between a French and American omelet?), but will also delve into as many other morning delights, such as pastries, grains and proteins as time allows. A professional chef, Trusan has taught CFU’s popular knife skills class for years.
11/19–Knife Skills: Tips, Tricks, & Techniques Used by Professional Chefs  Chef Trusan shows you to make your food beautiful while learning to use your knives safely.
12/6/16–Fermentation 101:  Health Never Tasted This Good.  Fermented foods add interesting flavor to your meals and have great probiotic benefits as well.   In this beginner-level fermentation workshop you’ll learn to prepare relishes and salsas (PERFECT FOR THE HOLIDAYS!), and take home your delicious creations!.  Alana Eakin loves empowering private clients and workshop participants with the skills to make what is nutritious also delicious.
12/8/16–Love & Chocolate:  Decadent, Delicious Indulgence  Just in time for the holidays,Chef Trusan brings you the ultimate chocolate cooking class.   A decadent chocolate indulgence cooking class turns celebrations into experiences.
See all of the cooking classes here…..  You can register online or call us at (303) 399-0093 ext 0.
See you in class!