It’s time to switch to Gmail.
Do you ever have the feeling that tech geeks and the young people are laughing at you because of the e-mail account you use?  Well let me be honest with you—they are!  AOL may have been a founding father to the Internet world and your Internet provider’s e-mail service is probably free, but neither of these reasons justify why you would still use them today.  Come on people, it’s 2013!  Gmail is the present and future of e-mail services, and you can either jump on the train or get left behind in the dust.  At the basic level, Gmail offers the most options and advanced features for personal e-mail uses, but the value exists for business uses as well.
Why waste money on expensive and cumbersome business e-mail accounts?  Many small businesses and nonprofits are saving money, time and effort simply by using personal Gmail accounts.  Adding meetings to colleagues’ calendars, sharing cloud-based documents and spreadsheets, and synching e-mail with a Smartphone has never been so easy—AND it’s free!  Imagine being able to collaboratively develop spreadsheets in a face-to-face meeting or remotely with ease.  Or how about taking advantage of the free Google phone and video chat services to help you connect with coworkers, friends and family?
Gmail also offers features like Drive, News Alerts, Maps, and social connectivity with Google+.  Many companies charge you for cloud storage, video posting or e-mail services, but with a personal Gmail account, all of these are free.  Get real-time news updates on competitors, build your brand through YouTube and Google videos, or enhance logistics with up-dated traffic information for your delivery routes.  Google has become the leader in e-mail services for its ongoing innovation and accessibility, and it isn’t going anywhere soon.  Instead of paying for your small business’ e-mail account or using rudimentary free services, Gmail can help your business or organization operate more efficiently and grow.  Gmail is not just the “cool” e-mail to have; it can save you time and stress, while helping your business improve productivity and communication.  We are fortunate to live in a world where what is chic and functional exists in the same product, and its called Gmail.  Welcome to the 21st century, it’s time to drink the kool-aid!
Ben Hand-Bender teaches this new Gmail class in our Compuskills Computer lab.  Check the details and class dates and then register!