Learn all about smart websites & SEO with Liz Hamilton.
If your website is not showing up on the front page of a Google search, then your website is not optimized and is, most likely, getting ignored.
But just how do you optimize?
Liz Hamilton,   principal of Maia Internet Consulting, teaches people what to do to make sure your website is up-to-date, getting noticed, and easy to navigate.  She’s a WordPress whiz and can show you how–and why–to start blogging and how to use a blogging platform like WordPress as your main website.
I’ve taken a couple of Liz’s classes and was amazed at both the sheer amount and quality information she gives.  I left with a long check list of “to dos”.
Liz teaches on a regular basis. You can always find her classes here in our Business Marketing section.
Coming up in August 2012:
August 17: Get Your Business Listed on the First Page of Google 
August 17: Everything You Wanted to Know About Blogging 
August 18:  Smart & Successful Websites: The Key to Online Marketing