Quickly master your camera or improve your photography skills in one of our great photography classes. There’s a topic for everyone.
The camera quick start classes are really popular. Taught by Keith & Teddi Maull, these camera classes are designed to get you using your camera quickly and with minimal manual reading.¬†Choose a point & shoot class or a DSLR class. Not sure which kind of camera you have? Give us a call and we’ll help you out.
Our beginning photography classes are great for any camera type. Learn solid skills in Digital Photogaphy I taught at the Colorado Photographic Art Center.
We’re proud to offer unique topics in photography too. ¬†Learn how to shoot a great portrait with local photographer Tim Morehead. Tim also teaches a fantasitic budget lighting course which gives you tons of ideas of how to set up lighting without buying lots of expensive equipment.
Similarly, Susan Winn shows you how to photograph the details in a Macro Photography class without breaking the budget.
L. Michael Davis teaches a great class on photography composition, Designing Your Photos. He’s been a professional photographer and teacher for many years and shares his secrets on breaking into the wedding photography field, a lucrative area.
Head out doors with long time CFU teacher, Ron Stern, and go an a photography safari. Ron is great at helping you learn to better capture the great outdoors. Half the class is in the classroom and the rest is at the Botanic Gardens.
Browse all photography classes here. Many are coming up this month—sign up today!