Needlefelting classRecently, I have been having fun taking some older clothing and some newer tote bags and transforming them into my own original artwork through needlefelting.
I learned to sew at an early age and have made my own clothing sporadically since then. In recent years, though, I have wanted to make clothing that reflected more of my personal style – to make more “art-to-wear” pieces. Now I don’t have much time to make much of my own clothing, but I am finding it rewarding to find things in thrift stores or in my own older clothing to “re-make”. Part of my toolbox for re-purposing clothing and other items is needlefelting.
Let me make it clear that I am no artist! But I enjoy working with fiber and color which is all that is needed for needlefelting. All it takes is a felting needle – a thin, sharp, barbed tool that is used to push wool through fabric – and a piece of foam or towel to use as a work surface. Using wool fleece, silk pieces or yarn on cotton, wool, or linen fabric, you can make designs that are as detailed or free-form as you like.
If you are an artist and want to design intricate pictures to decorate walls or clothing, you will really like needlefelting. If you like experimenting with color and texture, like I do, you will enjoy needlefelting. How great that you have the opportunity to explore this great fiber art technique!
Gage Evans,  CFU needlfelting & weaving teacher
Check out the CFU offering: Beginning Needlefelting – Class # 1984A, beginning Wednesday, February 27.