Many studies suggest that movement is a key to health & longevity, and we’ve got some great dance classes and other fitness and movement courses to get you on your feet.
Known as one of the martial arts that can be practiced well into one’s senior years, tai-chi is a system of slow, graceful healing movements. Starts March 3 (4 weeks):  Beginning T’ai Chi Ch’uan 
If you’ve ever been to CFU on a Tuesday night when a belly dance class is in session, you’ll know that everybody has such FUN in this class. Come join in! Starts March 5 (4 weeks): Beginning Belly Dance
Still one of the hottest dance fitness classes, Zumba is a great high energy, fun workout. Starts March 4 (4 weeks) Zumba
Learn a gentle simple of movements to realign, improve posture and feel much better! March 9: Introduction to the Alexander Technique 
Study Aikido, a Japanese martial art. Class starts March 12, 12 sessions.
QiGong is a system of movements that can mostly be done sitting, or in a very small standing space. The movements target major body systems (like circulatory or digestive) and keep you tuned up! March 19 & 3/26 Basics of QiGong; Movement for Health, Strength, & Flexibility 
And browse other health and fitness classes….