Many people are interested in metaphysics, mediums, the supernatural and other great mysteries, and CFU’s metaphysics classes are a safe and informative way to explore these topics from well-established people working in the field.
There are many exciting classes and workshops this summer to choose from:
Join this fun and lighthearted class with the Rev. Jody Stevenson and learn all about numerology and what your numbers might say about your life path or those of your loved ones. On  June 24: All About Numerology: 1 3 8 4 7 9 2 5 6 
If you’ve ever been interested in astrology or wanted to learn the basics and about how to create and read astrological charts, you must take this class! Marguerite Hafeman has is a certified astrologer and she an absolutely amazing font of knowledge on the subject.  Read a student’s comments from Marguerite’s class last fall.  Starts June 25 (6 weeks): Beginning Astrology Workshop 
Ever wonder what your pets would say if they could talk? In this class, learn to communicate telepathically with animals.  With Danielle Tremeblay.  July 13 & July 14: Animal Communication: Learn to Talk with Animals 
CFU is pleased to once again welcome noted local psychic medium and radio personality Karen Storsteen. In July, join Karen and learn how you can develop psychic skills. Then come back in August for a group spirit reading experience.  On July 13: Develop Your Psychic Brilliance and on August 10:  Spirit Reading with Karen Storsteen 
Teacher and long-time metaphysical student Nancy McCleary will show you how to interpret your personalized Cards of Destiny report on  August 24: Cards of Destiny: What Your Birthday Reveals About You .
If you’re feeling at a crossroads in life, or in need of a change career-wise, this non-traditional career search class might be just the ticket to an inspired new direction. Also taught by the talented Nancy McCleary, on August 24: Discovering Your Life’s Work: What Did You Really Come Here to Do?