Explore your writing aspirations–or just brush up on basic skills–with several Denver writing classes this June. There are topics for the beginner, the business person, the curious, or the more committed and aspiring author.
Here are 10 fun writing classes in June to get you going:
1. Love to travel, love to write? Consider doing it for a job! June 9: How to Be a Travel Writer: The Easy Way!
2.  Unsure about best grammar usage for business or personal writing? Brush up on June 10-17: Grammar Rules! Grammar for Grown-Ups
3. Learn a powerful structure used by novelists, screenwriters, and more to successfully plot a story. June 13: Plotting a Novel, Memoir, or Screenplay: The Structure That Holds It All Together
4. Do you have a hard time translating your thoughts to written word? This class gives you simple, easy to use steps to get any kind of writing on paper (emails, letters, reports, stories, etc). On  June 15: Write From the Beginning: Basic Writing Skills Made Easy
5. Learn how you can organize yourself and ideas to become a published author. June 15: So You Want to Write a Book: Fiction & Non-Fiction
6. Do you have an idea for the next great American novel? June 16: Writers, Start Your Novels!
7. Everyone has a story. Get yours on paper! June 23: Your Life in Print: Memoirs, Personal Essays, and Autobiographical Fiction
8. Explore journal writing techniques to process your inner journey. On June 23: Journal to the Self : An Experiential Writing Workshop
9. Smooth, realistic dialogue makes a novel flow. Learn how: June 26: He Said, She Said: How to Write Realistic Dialogue
10. Each good scene in a story moves it forward. Learn how to make all your your scenes count. June 30: Create Scenes That Sizzle: 15 Essential Elements of Scene Writing
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