Get a handle on your internet marketing strategy by attending an informative and seminar by by a 25 year veteran in marketing, Jennifer Croft .
If you simply need a crash course overview of in all the different possibilities of marketing on the web, Jennifer will lay them out for you in 20 Ways to Market on the Internet on May 6.
Perhaps you already have a website and are hoping to understand your visitor traffic. One of the biggest tools today to analyze your website’s performance on Internet searches, social media referrals, traffic, and more is a Google Analytics.  There’s a lot to understand with this complex, free tool from Google, and Jennifer Croft is a great guide. Join her Google Analytics class on May 7.
Similarly, have you googled a keyword your business and not had it come up on the Google search engine? Join Get to the Top of Google on May 8 and learn strategies to help get your business on the front page of Google search result—which is the only place that counts.
If you’ve not yet started a business, consider joining Jennifer’s intensive weekend workshop on Business Start Up Boot Camp on May 18 & 19 and learn the best strategies to turn your dream into a reality. Jennifer has started and successfully run six businesses. Come benefit from her experience.