clean energy ecomonyWe’ve not heard as much in the news recently about “green careers” but perhaps that is only because they’ve become more mainstream and people are making great livings doing good stuff for our planet and future.
One such green entrepreneur is Edward Dugan who is offering a very special event through CFU on how you can become a solar entrepreneur. This class, which will only be offered twice, introduces homeowners to the pros, cons, and feasibility of installing solar on their home. It this idea has even flickered through your heard, this seminar really outlines the major considerations (buy vs. rent; home appropriateness; potential savings)
But that’s just where he gets started. Edward’s bigger message and resource is how you might be able to set up a solar entrepreneurial business. Such businesses can generate income, even passive residual income.
Find out how you can join in the clean energy ecomomy either as a consumer or a business person by taking Become a Solar Entrepreneur this February 7, 2015 or again on March 17, 2015. Class is FREE, but you must register to attend.