Mountain Biking Skills Clinic

James Flanagan and a Mountain Biking Skills Clinic

Summer’s here¬† and CFU has so many great recreation classes to get you outside and enjoying the glorious Colorado sunshine–and to try something new!
Learn to fly-fish with Rick Typher from the Denver Angler. If you’re already an accomplished fisherman, make yourself a high quality fly or casting rod that you will enjoy for years to come. Rich McGaughey offers this intimate rod building workshop–and he’s the best!
One of our most popular classes from last summer was A Wilderness Adventure! which teaches you how to to safely and economically go hiking and overnight camping in the high country. Mike Kephart leads a group up to a secluded lake and will also teach you how to fly-fish.  Students told us they loved this class last summer.
Remember how fun it was to climb trees as a kid? Join Harv Teitelbaum and scale some great big trees using arborist ropes and harnesses in the Dances with Branches class. It’s safe for you, safe for the tree, and still gives you that great bird’s eye view!
If you have a mountain bike lying around–or just bought one–you can’t go wrong with the Mountain Bike Skills Clinic. Learn basic mountain biking skills so you can more easily enjoy and tackle the trails. We’re also excited about a new bicycle class: keep your bike in tip-top shape (or get that old one sitting in the garage tuned up!) with a Basic Bicycle Repair Hands-On Clinic from the folks at the Denver Bicycle Cafe. These are one-on-one workshops and customized to your specific model of bike. Very fun & helpful!
Browse all the CFU recreation courses here (and there are fun indoor ones too, if you’re not an outside person!).