HudsonJoanna Hudson is, herself, an extraordinary elder who teaches a class at CFU on that topic.  Joanna loves to tell stories, as you can see from her blog entry:
“The stories I call “wisdom” stories are the ones that come down to us from ancestors to tell us how to live and hopefully how to avoid the traps of arrogance and greed and ego. They sustain people in the worst times. They lighten the load that a group is carrying when they hear about the struggles with those who have come before. Elie Wiesel, who just died is an excellent example of a wisdom speaker.
“Scheherazade saved her life by telling stories. Uncle Remus gave morality lessons based on African folk tales that gave a culture to the slaves in bondage. Black Elk Speaks taught us all about the wisdom of the earth as seen by the people native to the North American continent. The Greeks, Joseph Campbell, that guy named Shakespeare and all poets are wisdom speakers. The movies that teach or expose corruption or raise questions for us may not be the blockbuster money makers, but they are important to our collective psyche.”
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