The Perfect Garden…Dog Included

There is nothing so relaxing in the summer as sitting in your backyard, chatting with friends and family, gazing at your beautiful garden. That is, until you look at the havoc your best friend, the family dog, has wreaked on your yard! Those burnt patches of grass, the chewed sprinkler heads, and that hole you keep stepping in, shoot your stress level right up.
It is sad to say but dogs and the perfect garden just don’t mix…until now. Landscape designer and animal lover, Elizabeth Bublitz had discovered some easy, practical ways to keep harmony in your garden.
What to do when Good Dogs Dig: In order to stop Buster from digging install large cobble rock. Dogs shy away from cobble since it is difficult for them to walk on or dig in. When you are installing new plants or fences, place chicken wire a few inches under the surface of the ground, so Buster can’t dig very far.
Sprinkler Head Chompers: Pooch thinks the sprinkler heads is a toy. Keep her attention of the sprinkler by running it at night when she is inside or bury the drip in cobble.
Urine burns: Unfortunately there is nothing that can be done for urine burns. To avoid future burns, make a doggie pit stop–an area created with pea gravel or rock mulch rather than grass. Take Lassie to this area and praise her for doing her business there.
The Grazer: To keep Fido from nibbling your plants, have other things in the yard to occupy his time. It is important to plant smart, because some plants are toxic for animals. Do not use foxgloves, hemlock, poinsettias, yews and Easter Lilies. Call poison control 303-739-1100 for the amount of poison ingestion per plant.
Your dog will cause less trouble if you keep him entertained, and out of trouble, by installing an attractive running path made with pea gravel giving your dog a place to run and play. Before installing pay attention to where he likes to run. This will help you create a perfect space he will love.

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