Feed Your Travel Bug
Do you yearn to travel? Is it your dream to have a job that would take you around the world? As an entrepreneur I have figured out how to earn money as I travel and to do work that is satisfying at the same time. Unlike those worn-out corporate types whom we see dragging through airports, my travel is part of a rewarding work life.
Whether you’re doing research for a book you intend to write or buying jewelry to sell on eBay, your travels will take on a grander dimension if they’re an intrinsic part of a bigger goal. Here are some ways for getting your travel bug fed:

  • Build confidence at home. It makes more sense to figure out your marketing strategy and delivery system in your own backyard before taking your show on the road.
  • Become really good at what you do. Your mastery is your passport for opening new vistas.
  • Think big. If you are a freelancer, adding a portable profit center to your enterprises should be fairly easy. Your clients don’t all have to live in close proximity so why not find some in an exotic locale?
  • Develop your ability to spot opportunity. Open your mind to the fact that opportunities are everywhere. Challenge yourself to find problems that need solving or needs that are unmet. Get in the habit of thinking up ways you could take advantage of neglected ideas.

Barbara J. Winter has made numerous tax-deductible trips abroad since 1989. In addition to being an enthusiastic world traveler, she is also author of Making a Living Without a Job and editor of Winning Ways, a newsletter for people living and working with passion. She teaches Support Your Wanderlust, Make a Living without a Job and Establish Yourself as an Expert.
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