As a veteran of six foreign language immersions, I can attest totheir effectivness in acquiring a new language. I also know the sacrifices that are required to live and travel abroad. 
Denver offers ample opportunities for you to immerse yourself in the Spanish language.  By combining formal and informal education, you can accelerate your learning.   
Here are five ideas that worked for me while in Denver:

  1. Sign up for a formal language class.  This will guarantee you a block of time where you will be working with the language and it gives you a foundation to build upon.  You will also be able to interact with a knowledgeable instructor and meet other students with similar goals and interests.
  2. Form a study group or meet with an established one.  The best option would be to work with students from your class, but if that is not possible look for “meetup” groups online.
  3. Listen to the radio or watch videos online on YouTube and BBC Mundo.  Don’t get overwhelmed by the speed or difficulty of the language.  Start small and build from there.  Write down the words you recognize and look them up if you don’t know the meaning.  Evaluate yourself every few weeks or so, and take notice of the progress you’ve made rather than how much you still don’t know.
  4. Dine at Spanish speaking restaurants and shop for food and other items in bilingual markets.  Study the menus and signs, listen to conversations going on around you and practice speaking with others.  If you are intimidated, look for a one-to-one situation where nobody else is around.  I always found that to be easier. 
  5. Read magazines, newspapers or kid’s books in Spanish.  You can find all of these at the Denver Public Libraries or at Tattered Cover.  Look for topics that interest you and start reading a little each day.  Write down a few words each time to look up.  You will begin to recognize the roots of verbs in other tenses.  Use your intuition to try to figure out the meaning and then do your own research or ask someone to verify it.  Take notice of your progress every few weeks or so.    

At CFU Spanish, we strive to provide an environment that will help you get from point A to B as efficiently as possible.  Our dedicated teachers will guide you along your path to speaking Spanish.  We hope to see you here this summer!