Stop before you even think of throwing out that vest that needs a little tender love and care. Don’t even think about taking your jeans to the seamstress when the pocket comes lose or needs a slight hem. Why? You can fix these items yourself. Become a little more resourceful, save your clothes and give them a longer life, while saving a
little extra money.
All you really need is a good class or two, a book and some patience. There are many good beginner books and classes out there to help you accomplish your sewing and mending needs. Simplicity’s Simply The Best Sewing Book is an old favorite, while current titles such as Sewing For Dummies and Stitch by Stitch: Learning to Sew, One
Project at a Time
 help guide beginners through the world of sewing and teach the basics of mending, and creating clothes from patterns.
There are classes you can take, too, to refurbish your well-loved
or out-dated clothing.  Check out these fashion and sewing classes at CFU. And learn how to put your wardrobe together and make the most of what you have.
Not only can you extend the life of your clothes and save money, sewing is a great creative outlet and a great way to give new life to clothes.  Patches, buttons, lengthening and shortening are a few ways you can update an old look. In small ways you can become your own designer.
Take a minute or two, look through your closet and see what needs a little tender love and care. Break out a needle and thread, sew by hand or machine. You will be surprised what you can fix and create on your own.
Crystal Gardner has just begun teaching atCFU.  Were excited to offer her new
class, Upgrade Your Style: The Keys to Looking Your Best on the Job.