Don’t let your computer held for ransom!
With only spotty coverage in the press, the biggest focus being on large companies such as Sony or Home Depot, you might not be aware that there is a rapidly increasing risk to your personal computers known as “Ransomware.” For an excellent real-world summary of what it is, the damage it causes, and a feel for how it is growing, take a look at  “How my mom got hacked New York Times”. While the author touched briefly on the “how,” and gave a high-level cursory set of suggestions on prevention, it just scratches the surface.
CFU has an excellent class that dives much deeper into the methods attackers use and how to mitigate the risks. Unfortunately the tools used to perpetrate this crime are readily available to anyone with a moderate level of computer knowledge, and the victims, those not familiar with the dangers of home computing, are easy targets and fall prey in increasing numbers. “Safe Computing in the Unsafe Age of Hackers & Data Breaches” will arm the student with valuable knowledge of the common threat vectors and methods of thwarting such attacks. Not only does this class cover home computing, but also the ubiquitous mobile platform usage. Save your data and save your money that would be used to pay a ransom by taking this informative class. Your eyes will be opened and your surfing more cautious.
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