Olivia Lundberg

Olivia Lundberg, CRMT

Did you know a cold or any other physical malady can be created by stuck energy or blocks in your aura due to a false belief or repressed emotion?
For example, Louise Hay, in her book, Heal Your Body, suggests that having too much going on in your life can create a cold.  To-do lists are cluttering your mind and you’re literally getting “a-head” of yourself.   The cold lets you know you’re feeling the pressure of outside influences and it’s time to stop, let go and relax.
Our body’s physical condition is linked to our aura.  Any false beliefs we hold in our aura can manifest in our physical bodies to help us uncover the truth and help us move forward in creating the life we were born to live.
Next time your body sends you a signal with an uncomfortable symptom, check in and see what beliefs could be creating this.  Louise Hay’s book above is a great reference to help connect you to the possible causes of your ailment.
CFU Instructor, Olivia Lundberg is a Certified Reiki Master Teacher, Akashic Reader and Intuitive Healer who shares her compassion and enthusiasm to empower others to be open, joy-filled, and living their highest potential.  Olivia offers Reiki sessions, intuitive readings and Reiki and metaphysical classes in downtown Castle Rock, Colorado.
Come join her three day CFU Reiki 1 class, March 8th, 22nd & 29th, 2015, and learn more about the core reasons for illness and how to work with Reiki energy to heal, relieve stress and open your intuition!