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Cheryl Bartlett

Cheryl Bartlett is an inspirational teacher and life coach.  She is a graduate of the world-renowned Mastery University and Leadership Academy by Anthony Robbins where she learned from top work achievers such as General Norman Scwarzkopf, Donald Trump, Jay Abraham, and others. She offers a number of opportunities to take a new course in your life:
March 12, 2015–Loving Relationships:  You’re worthy of Deep Connections.  Cheryl presents psychological and spiritual techniques to cut through the deepest challenges in forming intimate relationships so that you can find and experience the joy of connection that you are indeed worthy of.
April 7, 2015–A Course in Miracles:  A Path to Inner Peace and Harmony.  Explore this spiritual teaching that creates a path to inner peace and deep healing.
April 9, 2015–Life Coaching as a Career.  Learn about the career of life coaching–how you can help people and what is involved in building a career.
April 18 and 19, 2015–Worthy of It All:  A Kick Ass Retreat for Women.  Join Cheryl at the wonderful Mt. Princeton Hot Springs for what she describes as a  change your life” weekend where you will have a blast getting to the root cause of what holds you back from the life you desire and deserve.
May 7, 2015–Spiritual Money:  You’re Worthy of Abundance.  Transform your relationship to money and open possibilities to the life you deserve.