Social Media Marketing Certificate Practicum

The Social Media Professional Certificate program is designed to prepare you for a career in social media management. As such, the practicum is designed to ensure that you are prepared to design, implement, and assess the return on investment of social media campaigns for businesses of all sizes.

Once you have registered for the practicum, you will:

1) Meet with your practicum mentor, either in person or over the phone.

2) Arrange an internship with a business. Your practicum mentor may be able to arrange an internship at CFU. You may also find internship opportunities with a local charitable organization, small business, or larger corporation. Your practicum mentor will explain the necessary requirements for the internship.

3) Meet with a small panel of CFU Digital Marketing instructors to demonstrate proficiency in design, implementation, and ROI assessment of social media campaigns. This will be completed through a presentation of a digital portfolio.

Your Social Media Professional Certificate will be presented upon successful completion of the above requirements.