benefits of teaching with Lindsay Hayes

Lindsay Hayes

Benefits of Teaching at CFU:  Value for the Student and Instructor

There are many benefits of teaching at Colorado Free University.  I told a friend the other day, “Teaching at CFU may be one of the best decisions I’ve made.”  I began teaching a Conflict Management class for CFU in March of 2016. Though I was excited to share my passion for personal growth through conflict management, I could not have predicted how valuable CFU would be as I pursued my own goals.
As I considered why the CFU learning community has been such help to me, 3 thoughts came to mind. First, as my learning needs evolve CFU continues to be an avenue for learning what I need to know to advance my goals, professionally and personally. Next, I have a chance to share what I know to help others. And lastly, I get to be part of a community that loves to learn.

Learning that Suits my Professional and Personal Needs

When I began teaching at CFU I had no idea that within a few years I would be in the process of becoming a “solopreneur,” starting a business of one. I have learned about the essentials of starting a small business, taxes for small business, and small business marketing. CFU has been vital to my ability to start a new business.
As one of the benefits of teaching, CFU teachers can take other classes for free or for a significantly reduced cost.  CFU classes have even given me a chance to spend time with family while learning something we are all interested in. My husband and I have taken classes together several times. Last fall I gifted my parents two photography classes with the amazing landscape photographer John Fielder. We all had a great time, learned a lot, and made good memories in that class!

Sharing My Knowledge & Passions

I started at CFU by teaching a Conflict Management class. The information in this class has made a powerful difference in my personal and professional life. As part of living and implementing that information, I wanted to share it with others.  My profession sometimes involves career development theory and I’ve pursued two certifications in that area. I wanted the chance to share what I know about career development. CFU gave me the perfect outlet to help others by teaching Discover Your Dream Job.

A Sense of Community

My mother, father, an aunt, and an uncle in my family have all been career teachers. Being an active part of a learning community is in my blood. I enjoy that I have found a like-minded community of lifelong learners at CFU.
Each time a take a class I meet another great CFU instructor. While we all have a different expertise, what we have in common is a passion for what we teach and sharing our knowledge. And the staff at CFU are always helpful each time I visit the campus or call. I have had the privilege of getting to know several outstanding individuals through CFU.

A Continued Partnership

I don’t know what lies ahead for me but I do know that I’ll be a part of CFU for years to come. Certainly as a student and I look forward to continuing to teach here.
Have you thought about teaching a class? Take the plunge and learn more about teaching a class. Or check out the current catalog to find out what fun and useful things you’ll learn next!