With confirmed cases of Coronavirus (COVID-19) being reported in communities across the US and now in Colorado, our team has been working diligently to respond appropriately using the Center for Disease Control (CDC) guidelines and recommendations and we continue to closely monitor daily updates from the CDC.

The well-being of our students, our instructors, and our staff is a priority for us every day, but because of the heightened concerns about Coronavirus, we wanted to make you aware of the extra precautions we’re taking to ensure everyone stays healthy during this time.

What we are doing:

  • More Frequent Classroom and Bathroom Cleanings: We are increasing the frequency with which we clean and disinfect our building. Our team is cleaning classrooms and bathrooms twice a day, paying special attention to chairs, tables and door handles in our classrooms. We’ve also put out tissue boxes in our common areas.
  • Social distancing: Setting chairs further apart from one another to encourage social distancing.
  • Compassionate Cancellation Policy: We understand that as a community we need to be proactive in reducing the risk of transmission. Until the Coronavirus is at bay per the CDC, Colorado Free University will be flexible and waive our transfer and cancellation fees for students who are feeling too ill to come to class. Please contact the registration office in advance of your class, if you are unable to attend so that we can issue a tuition credit for a future course and have an updated number of students for the instructor.
  • Feeling Sick? Rest at Home: We’ve communicated with our staff to ensure that if one of our staff members is experiencing any Coronavirus symptoms, they stay home. We’re also encouraging our students and instructors to take the same precautions. If you’re feeling sick, skip the class—your body and your fellow learners will thank you!

As a community, we all can do our part to minimize risk. The CDC’s recommendations for preventing illness are readily available on most news outlets. Below are the basic recommendations for decreasing Coronavirus transmission: 

  • Wash your hands thoroughly, as often as you can (for at least 20 seconds) 
  • Avoid contact with those who are sick 
  • Avoid touching your face 
  • Cover your cough or sneezes with a tissue 

We will continue to monitor things closely. Look for future updates, which we’ll share here, via email and on our social media accounts.

Thank you,

Colorado Free University