CompuSkills FAQs

I know that CompuSkills lets students retake classes at no charge. How would I proceed if I wanted to retake a class?

CompuSkills welcomes students to retake classes on a space-available basis for up to six months after their initial date of attendance in a given class. Priority is given to first-time students, so CompuSkills cannot reserve a place for you beyond a 24 hour window. If you wish to retake a class, simply call the office at 303-399-0093 the business day before the class session you’d like to retake begins.  If there is space-available at that time, we will give you that space. Of course, you are always welcome to call in ahead of time to receive updated enrollment counts and better gauge your chances of getting a space.

Judging by the description in the catalog, I believe that I can skip the introductory level class and proceed directly to the next level. Can I go ahead and register for the second level, or do I have to pass an exam to opt out of the prerequisite?

Generally speaking, we are reluctant to allow students to bypass a prerequisite class within a software application since our ability to effectively present the information in the upper levels is predicated upon students’ facility with the core material presented in the introductory classes. What we encourage is for you to sign up for an introductory level section, attend through the first break session and get a feel for the material, the pace of the class, and then decide if, given the complete syllabus presented, you are comfortable with that material already. If this is the case, simply come to a CompuSkills representative in the office area and we will be happy to credit the amount you spent on that introductory class toward a section that better suits your existing skill set. In certain circumstances, (for example, if you have taken a class at another school that is similar to our introductory level class, or years of work experience in a program have got you up to speed on the core material) we will certainly allow you to register for an upper-level class straight-away. If you have questions as to whether or not your experience would qualify you, please do give us a call at 303-399-0093. We do not have a testing-out option for our class prerequisites.

I am interested in setting up an onsite custom class for the people in my company. How do I proceed?

We endeavor to make the process of setting up a custom training session as straightforward as possible. Typically, with about a two-week lead time, we can develop a class suited to the individual needs of your organization on any of the products we train in our public classes. Often times, we can do so for software programs not currently a part of our public training menu. To discuss the particulars of setting up a training session, please call us directly at 303-785-2310. You will find that for groups of five or more students, custom training classes generally save you money. You may also visit our Custom Training page for more information.

Are your classes hands-on? Does every student get to use a computer?

All CompuSkills classes are hands-on and each participating students uses a computer for use during the full duration of the class.