Deborah Burns

Deboarh Burns, owner of Deborah’s Touch Medical Transcription and instructor of Start a Home Based Medical Transcription Business

“A combination of House M.D., CSI and Desperate Housewives” is how Deborah Burns describes medical transcription. She says it’s still fun and exciting after 30 years as a medical transcriptionist. So we sat down and chatted with her about her workshop and curriculum.
CFU: What does a medical transcriptionist do?
Deborah: A medical transcriptionist listens to audio dictation via the internet. The transcriptionist then types what they hear. They transcribe reports such as progress notes, history and physical reports, operative reports, consults and letters.
CFU: How does medical transcription differ from billing and coding?
Deborah: A medical transcriptionist uses basic word processing software and doesn’t deal with collections or numbers. Medical billing software is costly and complex. Medical billers deals with patients, insurance companies and collections. Medical transcriptionists listen and type interesting stories about people’s secret, private lives.
CFU: How much does a medical transcriptionist make?
Deborah: MTs are paid by the line and typically make $3.50 to $4.50 per page. Most MTs transcribe 10 pages or more in an hour.
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CFU: What about voice recognition? How has it impacted your field?
Deborah: Voice recognition doesn’t work well for most physicians, since it often makes litigious, life-threatening errors. When a physician does use voice recognition, they must then hire an editor/proofreader to ensure that the document is transcribed properly. MTs now have many more opportunities available to them to serve as editors or scribes.
CFU: How do you feel that our classes here at CFU compare with others?
Deborah: CFU offers a workshop on the business aspect of medical transcription, Start a Home-Based Medical Transcription Business (next class on March 18, 2013) as well as Medical Transcription A to Z: An Outstanding Home Study Course.
The toughest catch-22 with medical transcription is that you cannot work as an MT without hands-on experience directly in the field of medical transcription. “Medical Transcription A to Z” is one of the few that includes internship and work experience. It’s also one of the least expensive and most comprehensive. The workshop and curriculum offer more information than any other facility in the country.