Do You Need to Learn How to Drive Business through the Web?

Does your business depend on driving business through the Web?  In this class at Colorado Free University in Denver, you can learn techniques to increase your visibility on the web and drive more traffic to your business. These highly effective online marketing tactics (most of which are free) include website optimization tips, website strategies, blogs, social marketing, local maps/listings, eNewsletters and more. In this introductory course you’ll learn what your options are and how to think about the avenues that are going to be best for your business. The ultimate goals are optimizing your website so that people find you and getting customers or clients to choose you.
Get an excellent overview of the ways to drive Business through the Web with this class with Deb Flomberg.  Deb is owner of her own company, Flomby, LLC, a marketing and media production company for small businesses and nonprofits.
This class is a stand-alone opportunity to explore what digital marketing platforms and strategies are available to get business through the web.  It also is one of the introductory programs in CFU’s certification programs in digital marketing and social media management.


Ginny Castleberry recently completed her social media manager certification and had classes with Deb as well as having her mentor her practicum project.  Ginny told us,  “Deb was an awesome resource and adviser for me.  If I learned one percent of what she has in her head about marketing, I’ll be in good shape.  This program has been truly educational, fun, challenging, and definitely worth the time and money.”
Other students in Deb’s classes have said:
“Extremely bright & passionate and that matters…a lot!”
“Deb is an exceptional instructor.  She is excellent at presenting the content in a way that is easy to understand.”
“Great experience and ideas. Really helpful. Great!”
“Deb is a delightful and engaging instructor. She was great about staying on track despite our class’s many questions.”
Get more information about digital marketing and CFU’s program here.