CFU was one of the first places in Denver to offer wine & beer tasting classes–and we’re still offering some of the most fun and enlightening classes on the topic. Check out the upcoming classes and try something new:
On January 26, explore the fascinating possibilities of my personal two favorites: wine and chocolate in  Chocolate and Wine Pairing: Find a Bit of Heaven on Earth taught by CFU veteran Julie Pech.
Ashley Hausman, a professionally trained sommelier and wine store buyer, hosts two of our newest and trendiest wine topics. On February 9, try Exploring Spanish Wines, and learn to tell your Tempranillo’s from your Rioja’s.
Ashley also hosts Wine and Food Pairing: Make the Matches that Enhance Flavor on February 13. This is a special Valentine’s Day event–discover aphrodisiac combinations of wine and food that you can use to make a special feast for your sweetheart.
Lastly, I cannot recommend more highly CFU’s two beer classes taught by Charlie Gottenkieny. You can call call Charlie an amateur brewer, but really, that’s a serious mistake.  Charlie is a pro in every sense. He is the only person to win the American Homebrewer’s award twice and knows all there is to know about beer: tasting it and making it.
For starter’s, don’t miss Charlie’s Introduction to Belgian Beer on February 17. Belgians brew a crazy number of different beers, and Charlie will introduce you to some of them and talk about the different types. You will be amazed at the tasty universe of beers that come out of this small country.
And don’t miss the chance to learn how to whip up your own beer on February 18 in Homebrewing 101: An Introduction to Making Your Own Beer. Charlie is the master–don’t miss this chance to learn from a multi award winning brewer the tips and tricks to a tasty home brew.