image: rawpixel | fotolia.comBusinesses large and small have to take advantage of the various social media platforms and other digital marketing avenues to keep their clients and customers connected to them.  You can read articles online or event watch YouTube videos to get tips on using these marketing tools.  But, there’s nothing like sitting in the room with a genuine expert in the field, getting the inside scoop on how to use the tools most effectively for your particular business needs.  See what’s on the schedule:
4/27/15–Marketing with Facebook:  Ads, Groups and Events  This is the second of Joyce Feustel’s classes to help businesses make the most of the power of Facebook.
4/29/15–Get to the Top of Google:  Search Engine Optimization  You might have a great website, but you also need to learn how to make sure it comes up when people search.  This is the last time that Jennifer Croft teaches this class at CFU, so don’t miss out!
5/4/15–Using Pinterest for Online Marketing  Pinterest is a great tool for many businesses.  Joyce Feustel has become a real fan and will teach you the ins and outs.
5/7/15–Social Media ROI:  Measuring Your Impact  It takes time to implement social media campaigns.  If you don’t know whether your campaign is working or not, you may be wasting that time and effort.  Michael Booker shows you some of the easiest ways to evaluate the impact of your campaign.
5/9/15–Power Up Your LinkedIn Profile  Lindsey Day is a LinkedIn expert who has worked in job placement.  She will show to how to create a profile that sizzles.
5/12/15–Blog Your Way to Success:  How Blogging Can Increase Your Income  Evon Davis has been blogging for years and has figured out how to leverage your blog for success.
5/14/15–Google Analytics 101  Michael Booker shows you how to use the free tools provided by Google to see how your website is performing.  Measurement is key!
5/14/15–Blogging Basics:  Hands-On Training   Blogger Evon Davis walks you through the process of setting up your blog in this hands-on class taught in CFU’s CompuSkills Computer Training lab.
5/29/15–LinkedIn for Business  LinkedIn is the platform of choice for business to business and professional to professional interaction. Brad Friedman gives you the insider tips on making the most of LinkedIn.