The Energy Leadership Model ™ is a way to change the beliefs that are impeding your life. It helps you identify the essential energy you bring to the people and challenges of your life and the things that block your more positive energy.  Patrice Miller has a background in corporate training and HR and teaches this interactive class designed to help you Show Up in your life.
Here’s what students said in Patrice’s first offering of this class at CFU:

  • “Excellent presenter and made me comfortable in participating…I felt like I wanted to stay longer and keep learning.”
  • “Patrice is wonderful.”
  • “Really had me think about things I hadn’t considered.  That helped me get more out of the course than I’d expected.  [I got] a LOT of self awareness.  I got a chance to develop a plan for jump-starting my main life goals.”
  • “Good communication skills.”

See Patrice’s class, “It’s Time to Show Up!  Change the Story of Your Life.” in our Lifeskills and personal growth section.