The world's fastest reader
Take a mega speed reading class and really get a huge boost in your ability to process the written word.
Howard Berg, on record as the World’s Fastest Reader, comes to Denver to teach this class on speed reading. Howard will share his tips and tricks and you can practice and learn speed reading techniques in the classroom. Be sure to bring a book on a subject you are familiar with to class.
Howard Berg is also the director of Gateway Prep, a not-for-profit educational company to help teach people how to read faster, retain more information and improve skills in math, writing, and memorization. Howard teaches an the basics of these skills in an accelerated learning course called How to Learn Anything Better and Faster.
See all the upcoming dates for Howard Berg’s Mega Speed Reading and How to Learn Anything Faster and Better seminars. But don’t wait–Howard only comes to Denver a few times a year, so take this class and improve your learning skills today!