Join the word’s fastest reader, Howard Berg, and for his accelerated┬álearning and speed reading course on February 1 and 2, 2013.
Howard developed his reading and learning skills while a Biology major in college. In his third year of university, he became interested in psychology and completed four years worth of psychology requirements in his senior year. He graduated with degrees in Biology and Psychology.
After years of teaching science and computers and working in a large corporation, he founded his own company teaching the sophisticated learning skills he’d honed in college.
Howard is now credited as being the world’s fastest reader. You may have seen him on Fox TV reading the entire 1500 page Health Care reform bill in one stint. He and his speed reading techniques are widely known and respected.
Just for fun, see Howard Berg, Justin Timberlake, Peyton Manning, and Amy Sedaris in this Sony e-reader commercial: