Social media is the primary way that people are marketing their businesses these days.  Nazli Nomanbhoy teaches three classes at CFU to help you create a website that will draw and keep customers or clients and to use social media to market your business effectively.
Students have written:

  • “Nazli was very organized and thoughtful in her presentation.  She encouraged discussion and answered questions thoughtfully.  I can tell she is very knowlegeagle and skilled in this area….I have some great base knowledge and resources to assist with my endeavors.”
  • “She was pleasant, knowledgeable, flexible.  Fantastic!”
  • “Nazli is simply the best teacher I’ve ever had.  On point and up-to-date, her content will help tremendously in launchng our business…[I got] the “how to” we needed to get started and working smarter, not harder.”See

And this from CFU President, Helen Hand:  “Nazli designed the website that the Lowry Foundation uses to market the Eisenhower Chapel.  For very little money, Nazli was able to create a fresh, modern website that we can administer ourselves with no web design skills!  She is delightful to work with and a true pro!”
See Nazli’s classes as well as other social media marketing classes in Denver….