Continual self discovery is essential for a good life.  CFU offers many classes to open new doorways for you to self discovery and spiritual growth. The following classes can be great ways to try out new practices and meet like-minded explorers.
5 Steps to Discover Your Life’s Purpose:  Live a Passionate Life  (#2635)  Living out of sync with your life purpose drains and depletes you. Discover ways that you can become in touch with who you meant to be so that you can live a fuller, more rewarding life.
Align Your Chakras: An Experiential Introduction (#5505)  Learn about the seven-chakra system and practice exercises and enlightening meditations that can help you recognize and release chakra blockages, bring awareness, and facilitate transformation.  
A New Perspective on How to Manage and Resolve Grief (#4506)  Discover an effective coping strategy to manage your pain and the symptoms of grief. Explore how it is possible to cherish your memories, hold on to the meaning the lost one had for you, and still go forward into life in a more heart-centered and purposeful way.
Assertiveness for Everyone  (#3162)  Discover a simple formula for expressing yourself that you can adapt to different situations. And, in a supportive atmosphere, fine-tune and practice your skills through role-play. Being able to stand up for yourself in a strong, but non-aggressive way is a critical part of your personal growth. 
A Taste of Tarot (#5217)  Find out what the cards can tell you to support your personal growth and life journey.

Become Your Own Best Friend: Daily Strategies for Living a Positive Life (#2589)   This course delves into the science of positive psychology to give you practical strategies you can use each day to increase positive well-being on a short- and long-term basis. 
Become Your Own Life Coach (#1953)  In this workshop learn three common ways that your mind blocks your happiness and success and, most importantly, find out how to transcend these blocks using one simple strategy that you can use for a lifetime. This class is a great way to begin your self discovery.
Body Healing: A Hands-On Introduction to Intuitive Touch (#2502)  Body healing is a unique way of experiencing and working with energies from the human body.  Learn about energy healing and how you can use it in your own life.
Buddhism for Everyday Life (#5304)  The Buddha’s life was all about compassion and looking at ways to decrease suffering in ourselves and in the world. The focus on mindfulness, loving kindness, and creating true peace, beginning with ourselves, has made a sweet difference in many people’s lives, and can make a difference in our world at large. Come learn about Buddhist teachings and practices in a relaxed and open environment.
Change Your Brain to Change Your Life (#5105)  Learn the tools of Neurosculpting®, a modality of meditation and brain training that helps you rewrite old thinking patterns, heal from stress and trauma, lessen emotional reactivity, navigate life changes, and maximize your potential. In addition to learning the concepts of Neurosculpting®, you will learn three types of meditation to calm your system, release negative thoughts and emotions, and lock in more positive associations. 
Create the Life You Want After Divorce or Breakup (#4509)   Learn why it’s normal to repeat the same patterns in your romantic relationships, and how you can begin to change them for the better. Discover how dating can be a way to learn how you can be “The One” for yourself, so that you can be healthier and attract healthier people.
Discover Your Talents:  Develop Your Strengths (#3226) This class makes use of the Clifton StrengthsFinder® assessment to help you identify your essential competencies so that you can maximize your efforts in work or personal endeavors.  This is a great opportunity for self discovery.
Don’t Weight Any Longer: Hypnosis for Weight Loss  (#2555)  Learn how to unlock the power of your subconscious mind so that you can successfully achieve your weight loss goals.
Emotional Eating: It’s Not About the Food (#2590)  We will explore mindful eating and other kinds of self-care that will lead to feeling better, losing weight, and bringing more peace, joy, and love into your life. Mindfulness exercises and meditations will support you during this process.
Have them at Hello:  Making a Million Dollar Impression  (#4529) Learn how to master introductions, initiate and continue conversations, and help people to like and remember you.
Intro to EFT: A Powerful Tool Anyone Can Use (#4619)  Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) is a process for releasing the internal, subconscious blocks that keep you from achieving personal and professional goals. 
Keeping It Real: Talking Through the Tough Times (#4524)  Discover how you can build connection with others, while remaining true to yourself.  Find out how you can enhance empathy and mutual understanding in order to deepen your connections and find satisfying solutions to interpersonal differences.  
Learn the Secrets to Trust Your Intuition (#4503)  Get practical and immediately usable tools to help you make decisions that are more aligned with your strengths and passions. 
Life Cleanse: Keep Calm & Cleanse On (#2591)  Do some well-needed cleanup of the things, thoughts, behaviors, and perhaps relationships that clutter your space. We will focus on the eight elements of wellness by assessing which areas are intact and which may need refreshing, focusing on the mental, physical, relational, spiritual, environmental, and financial.
Mindfulness for Daily Living (#2495)  In this course, you will have the opportunity to experience four formal mindfulness practices. You’ll also explore ways to incorporate mindfulness practice informally in your daily life.
Personal Spiritual Enlightenment and You (#1961)  Participate in an honest exploration of what it means to achieve enlightenment: what it is, how you find it, and most important of all, how to keep it. 
Recipe for Genius: Practical and Effective Tools for Creating a Thriving Artistic Experience (#8904)  Consider the possibility that art and innovation come through you rather than from you.  Originally designed to support those in the performing arts, this workshop has been broadened to become a power tool for everyone desiring to explore and develop their creative genius.
Setting Powerful Intentions: To Transform Your Life!  (#3224)  This energy-filled workshop will help you create and call into existence your biggest desires. During the course of the workshop, you will understand the power behind set4  ting intentions to create shifts, engage in hands on exercises that ground in these concepts, learn the secrets to setting powerful intentions, and develop a clear plan of action for implementing immediately! 
Take a Stand Against Stress: Strategies for Managing Tough Times (#2527)  learn the latest techniques for managing stress, including mindfulness, meditation, visualization, and the Bryon Katie process for a lasting way to change thoughts. Also, learn about current dietary research on brain health. Gaining more tools you have in your bag of coping strategies is a critical component of your personal growth.
Take Control of Your Life: Set Healthy Boundaries (#5549)  Do you ever suffer from bad experiences caused by inappropriate boundaries?  Leave this course with knowledge about boundaries, how to set them and what to do when others cross them.
The Art & Science of Reading People: A Beginner Guide to Neuro-Linguistic Programming (#8960)  Discover Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), the study of how words and their associations become your unconscious “programming” and create your behavior.  Leave with an understanding of how to avoid conflicts by seeing directly into the heart of people and situations.  NLP has served many people as a powerful aid to personal growth.
The Art of Persuasion: The Keys to Influence Using NLP   (#8957)  There are techniques, used by the best, that increase the chances that your ideas get heard, considered, and hold sway. Whether you are a parent trying to get your teenager In this seminar, learn some techniques of persuasion with an NLP twist.
The Enneagram:  A Tour of the Types (#5475)  The Enneagram is a helpful tool for professional growth and an engaging and useful tool for discovering our spiritual nature, the truth of who we are, and our connection to others.  This class is for anyone new to the Enneagram.  The self-insight you get will be a boon to your own personal growth.
The Upside of Stress: Applying the Power of Positive Psychology (#2588)   Research shows that stress can be good for you when you view it correctly and cope with it in a positive way.  In this class, explore groundbreaking research at the forefront of the positive psychology field.  Come away with strategies to change your mindset, and turn stress from a noxious experience into an opportunity for more positive well-being.  Managing stress is key to your personal growth.
Use Painting to Access Your Creativity:  It’s Not the Product, But the Process (#1569)  This class does not teach techniques, but uses painting to help you reconnect to the creative genius that lives within us all. It’s all about the journey back to your true creative nature.  This class is less about painting and more about your own personal growth.
Vibe Tune-Up: Spinning Fear into Love and Living a Thriving Life (#8903) Peter J. Hughes will give you an overview of principles of the Law of Attraction and lead you through a conversation and experiences that can enable you to transform fear into love and to open yourself to intuitive guidance. 
Women and Sex: A New Perspective on Intimacy for Women (#4231)  For some women in committed relationships, sex can become a burden. In this class, in a safe setting with women only, explore how sex is a window into yourself. Discover how understanding your sexual experience can be a way to get to know who you are and to heal your emotional wounds. 
Yoga & Meditation Day Retreat: An All-Levels Saturday Workshop at Shoshoni (#2480)  Immerse yourself in spiritual energy during a daylong retreat at Shoshoni Yoga Retreat Center in the mountains above Boulder. Begin with a relaxing hatha yoga class followed by a gourmet vegetarian lunch. The afternoon will include an introduction to meditation, followed by refreshments and discussion.
Yoga of the Mind: An Intro to Meditation and Energy Work (#2482)  Discover an active meditation technique that can help you change how you interact with others. If you often worry about other people’s concerns long after interacting with them, or feel exhausted by all the people you encounter every day, this form of meditation can bring relief.  Many people agree that meditation practices are key to self discovery.
Your Next Chapter:  Craft The Retirement That’s Right for You (#3130)  Learn a concrete process that helps you identify what has been satisfying for you in the past so you can pinpoint what the essential factors in those experiences were. Explore what your needs, wants, and desires are; define your goals and the steps you need to take to reach them; and think about what must be on your bucket list.  
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