Punxsutawney Phil indicated recently that we’d have six more weeks of winter, but CFU’s real estate investing classes are already ramping up for a hot spring market!
Come learn how you can take advantage of the record low interest rates and get a great real estate deal in one of CFU’s upcoming real estate classes:
February 21, realtor and seasoned Denver investor Kato Mitchell teaches you how to evaluate and find great deals in  Fortunes in Foreclosures .
On February 28, try Introduction to Real Estate Investing. Dick Martin, an experienced Denver realtor teaches you the dos and don’ts of real estate investing.
February 23:  Intro to Tax Lien Investing: Investing to Actually Make a Profit . Discover how to properly reasearch and buy a tax lien–Dan Murray is your host and he’s purchased over 2000!
February 23:  Selling a Home: Take This Class First  Realtor Norm Replin thinks the time is ripe to put your home on the market if youv’e been waiting. Interest rates are low and buyers are waiting. Discover the process and priorities in this free class (must register to attend)!
February 25:  Thinking of Buying a Condo?: Take This Class First  Norm Replin also hosts this informative, free class on what to look for in the condo market. There are lots of great deals—come learn more!
Or browse our entire Real Estate section to find a class that suits your needs. You can also see other dates when these great classes above will be held.