I have been a teacher at Colorado Free University for 20 years, teaching a real estate investing classes called   Buying and Fixing an Old House. Much has changed during that time. The biggest change is the Internet. You can learn many things on the Internet, some truthful and useful, some absolute nonsense. What is missing is what you can learn from the other students in the class.
CFU is unlike any other learning experience in that the students bring as much to a class as a teacher. These are folks with real world experience that they freely share with each other in addition to what the teacher provides. In my class there have been exchanges for names of great plumbers, electricians, tile setters, carpenters, painters, asbestos abatement contractors, as well as where you can get good deals on items for your remodeling projects. We all share what we know.
You can’t get that from the Internet. The class is interactive and can be directed towards what you want to learn instead of the limited video you can get on a subject on You Tube. I am sure many of the other classes are the same way. CFU classes are unique learning experiences.
Check us out! Dan Braun