Spring is a great time to try something new and at CFU, we specialize in classes that deliver new skills and experiences. You can think of our classes as a great way to “sample” new pastimes or ventures without having to huge scheduling demands or costs of supplies or tuition.  Stretch yourself a bit this spring and consider one of these upcoming classes as a new “adventure” in learning:

Starts April 3, 2014  (3 weeks): Beginning Piano Class
Did you study piano as a child? Or did you always want to learn? Keyboards provided by patient & encouraging teacher Carol Zeleny.
Martinmark | dreamstime.comStarts April 5, 2014 (4 weeks):  Beginning Golf at Emerald Greens
Golf is great exercise and a good way to get your vitamin D up! Tom White takes great care of his students (including a free 5th lesson)!
April 6, 2014: Batik Watercolor Painting
Learn a fun, super EASY technique and leave with a beautiful watercolor painting on rice paper suitable for framing. Taught the dynamic painting duo of Lydia Rea & Mary Tharp.
 April 6 & 10, 2014: Cheddar Cheese Making at Home
Rich McGaughey is a cheese man extraordinaire and a proponent of self-sufficiency. Beside how fun would it be to put your own cheddar on the burgers you grill this summer?
You’ve probably heard of kettlebell weights as they’ve been trendy ways to build muscle, strength and fitness for a couple of years now. No one teaches them better than Brian Copeland.
Starts April 9, 2014 (4 weeks):  Beginning Bollywood Dance 
Did you see Slumdog Millionaire? Remember some of the exuberant dancing? Try some “Bollywood” style dance moves with the insanely talented Seemie Xavier.
Starts April 10, 2014 (4 weeks)  Beginning Guitar: Acoustic or Electric
Patrick Yarnell is a patient teacher and encourages students to start out in either electric or acoustic.  You’ll find your inner rock star (or folk muse) in no time!
Starts April 10, 2014 (6 weeks):  Basic Bridge
Bridge is the ultimate social card game.  Get started with the basics and see if it’s just the social ticket you were looking for.
This artistic doodling technique is fun and meditative, and taught by certified teacher Dusty Darrah. Quilters especially love it as a way to develop free-motion drawing skills and learn new patterns.
 April 13, 2014: Beginning Digeridoo
Ever heard or seen the tube-like musical instrument used by aboriginal Australians? That’s a digeridoo and aside from being a kick to play, the technique used to create the drone is terrific therapy for those with sleep apnea. Taught by the talented  Roxy Harbitter.