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Howard Berg

The key to achieving success in today’s world is not to work more, but to work smarter instead. So, what does that mean? We know that when we add RAM or upgrade the processor in our computer, we’ll get the job done more quickly. Is there a comparable way that we can upgrade our brains?
Howard Berg is on record as the world’s fastest reader and he has developed strategies to enhance learning as the director of Gateway Prep, Inc., a not-for-profit educational company. His classes are great for anyone who needs to process a lot of information.
He’ll teach you how to read faster, get the essential information more efficiently, improve your recall of information. You can’t add more time to your work day, but you can learn to use your time better and become smarter.
Join Howard this January 24 & 25 for his How to Learn Anything Faster & Better and Mega Speed Reading.