Learn about Buddhism from a superb teacher in Denver.   Val Stepien has been studying Buddhism for many years and was ordained in Thich Nhat Hanh’s lineage (the United Buddhist Church) in 2011. She is a psychotherapist who integrates these teachings and practices into her work with clients and into all aspects of her life.
Students from Val’s classes have commented:

  • “Val was extremely knowledgeable and impressive.  She is able to pull the teachings into real life that resonates in everyone.  I saw everyone in the class get something meaningful out of her teaching.”
  • “Val is a very kind, compassionate & giving person.”
  • “Very knowledgeable on the subject matter.”
  • “Very knowledgeable & able to share that knowledge.  Val obviously lives her knowledge.”
  • “Peaceful, thoughtful, calm and inspirational.”
  • “So encouraging.  You can tell how much she enjoys doing the class.  Warm & friendly.”
  • “Good at explaining and making the content clear.”
  • “Val is a great person & teacher.  She ties studies to real life experiences and encourages you to do the same.  She’s very insightful and accepting of all views and opinions.  I have learned the of Buddhism and how to gradually incorporate it into my own life.  I’ve learned the importance of being mindful and compassionate in all things.”

Find Val’s class in our Meditation and Hynosis section in the Spiritual section of the Self and Personal Development category of our course offerings.