Bow Making & Gift Basket ClassesJust in time for the holidays, CFU is offering new gift baskets & bow making classes!
On December 3, you can learn how the pros design and engineer one of those pricey gift baskets that everyone loves so much to receive in our Gorgeous Gift Baskets class taught by Deb Condo. In class, you’ll make a basket, but go home with it and all the know-how to give really beautiful gifts for a fraction of what it would cost you to buy and send one.
Ever wondered how to make one of those elaborate bows found on wreaths, gift baskets, or other holiday items? I know I’ve tried to duplicate them with middling success. Deb Condo, owner of Gift Basket Junction, will show you in just a couple of hours how to make several types of gorgeous, showy bows in Tie the Perfect Bow, also on December 3.  They’re fun & easy. Plus you get to play with miles of ribbon!