Build your current relationships, or start a great new connection by enhancing your self presentation in these communication skills classes.
You only get one chance to make a first impression. Learn how on November 17:  Fantastic First Impressions 
Communicate better with your partner by learning to give and receive a great massage. November 18: Couples Massage 
Strike up a conversation with anyone, anywhere and never feel awkward in a social situation again! November 19: Master the Fine Art of Small Talk: Mingle with Anyone, Anywhere, Anytime, about Anything 
Tailor your communication style to each person you meet and see how much your interactions improve. November 20 The Art and Science of Reading People: An NLP Perspective 
Put your best face forward by updating your look! December 1: Fresh Look, Fresh Face! Update Your Make-up 
Curious about how to deal with big world of online dating? Try December 7: Demystifying Online Dating
Gain confidence and get out there again with this enlightening approach to dating at mid-life. December 8: Mid-life Dating for Women
Deepen your ability to really connect and communicate with others in this thoughtful class. December 10: The Key to Intimacy: Compassionate Communication