This creativity workshop is an opportunity for break-through. Peter J. Hughes is a master teacher and change-maker. Join him for Recipe for Genius: Practical and Effective Tools for Creating a Thriving Artistic Experience.

Peter J Hughes’ powerful one-day creativity workshop was developed over a seven year process.  Grounded in three key ingredients, or power tools, the Recipe for Genius establishes a solid foundation on which to launch into any creative venture. Collectively the tools will support you in stepping up to your creating potential with newly founded confidence and clarity for accessing your creative genius. Peter is a master teacher and intuitive whose workshops are both powerful, life-changing, and a lot of fun.

The “Recipe for Genius” workshop is both conventional and unconventional in its format, exploring a full spectrum of modalities. This workshop experience references scientific research, expands on traditional trainings, integrates quantum physics, and applies centuries old metaphysical and spiritual teachings and techniques. Originally designed to support actors, singers, directors, choreographers, and writers, this workshop is a power tool for everyone desiring to explore and develop their creative genius.

Peter also offers Vibe tune Up: Spinning Fear into Love & Living a Thriving Life, a one evening opportunities to apply the Law of Attraction and other principles to live at your highest level of contribution and joy.

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