From time to time we at CFU get to hear stories of lives that have changed as a result of classes or experiences at the school.  We suspect that there are many more stories of this sort that we don’t hear, but it thrills us when we get to know about the impact CFU has on people’s lives.  Recently, one of our teachers, Peggy Richards (Silk Painting), let us know that she is engaged to be married now as a result of her connection to CFU.  A while back we had a potluck for teachers and Peggy, not really being all that keen to come out on a Sunday afternoon, pulled herself together and showed up.  Another teacher of ours, Rich McGaughey (Cheese Making) had dragged his visiting brother along with him to the event.  Well, you can see where this is going…. Rich’s brother and Peggy are now engaged to be married!  And icing on the cake is the fact that the two of them are launching a new business, in travel, as a result of a class that they took with long-time CFU instructor, Carl Meadows (Organize Group Travel)!
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