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Saturday morning Barbara Bradley Haggerty presented a story on NPR about career changes in mid-life.  Of course this story made me think of the many classes we offer at CFU that help people make the life changes they need or want to make and prepare for the next stages in their lives.  I won’t be able to detail all of the classes, but want to highlight a few.
For people who feel stuck, we have classes that help you identify what holds you back and find a path forward:  
If your career needs re-tooling, think about 
Starting a business, either part- or full-time is the answer for some independent-minded people.  
As you are building your business, get support with classes such as 
For people who are looking for new opportunities, CFU offers classes that help you explore a wide variety of opportunities:  
As I think about it, just about all of the CFU classes give you skills or experiences that help you enrich your work and your life.  Browse all of the classes here.
Join us in class to take control of your life!
Helen Hand, Ph.D.