Nature Inspires Art by May W. Yipp. All rights reserved.

Let’s admit it. We all love a bargain. The good news is that there are still bargains out there for art supplies, but we need to spend time reading the labels.
When buying tube paints, you’ll notice that the price varies depending on the color you want to buy.  E.g. the cadmium yellows and reds cost more because the pigments are more expensive. Manufacturers sometimes produce a cheaper version of the paint and these are labeled as “hues”.  The hues are inexpensive, but they may not give you the color and intensity of color you expect.  These are not great bargains.
Sometimes, stores give deep discounts when they are about to discontinue a line of paints and real savings are right there.  Read the labels!  I would suggest avoiding the hues and looking for the real colors. Be sure to read the fine print and check the label for lightfastness.  This tells you if the paint color will fade upon exposure to light.  You may wish to check the manufacturer’s website to learn the lightfastness scales that they use, and also the names and numbers of the pigments that make up each color.
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