Compuskills computer training is proud and excited to be offering Adobe Creative Suite 6 training starting in February 2013. (Please note: Adobe classes being held in January will be version CS4!) Here are some details about our new programs:
Photoshop CS6:  Create powerful images with the professional standard, now offering even more image editing power and creative options.
InDesign CS6:  With the digital revolution in full swing, use InDesing CS6 to create professional page layouts for print and digital publishing, faster and easier than ever.
InDesign CS6 for Digital Publishing and ePub:  Find out how to use InDesign CS6 to create ebooks and set up files for digital publishing to be viewed on tablets.
Illustrator CS6:  The essential tool for working with vector design and complex files; create and edit patterns faster and more intuitively.
Dreamweaver CS6:  Design, develop and maintain a standards-based websites using a visual interface and editor.
Photoshop CS6 for Photographers:  Turn your photos into original creations!
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